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Professional Property Management Services

Cedarland Development Group offers a broad range of cost-effective services to cover the unique and tedious demands of both residential and commercial properties. Our experience and expertise serves your best interests. We know how to screen tenants, which specialized contractors to trust, and how to protect your bottom line without sacrificing integrity, safety, or value of the property.

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Partnering with Cedarland Development Group, you take advantage of our core standards, including customer service, accountability, sustainability, and community. Consider some of the many benefits of working with a proven and exceptional property management company:

  • Higher Caliber Tenants – Our screening process results in tenants who pay rent on time, take better care of the property and cause fewer issues.
  • Less Vacancy – We prepare properties for rent, set optimal rent rates, and handle effective marketing.
  • Tenant Retention – Satisfied tenants are more likely to stay long-term, eliminating issues such as lost rent, property cleaning, repainting, carpet replacement, repairs, and changing the locks.
  • Rent Collection – We ensure consistent and dependable cash flow, collected on time and upholding the clauses in the lease.
  • Eviction – We are aware of and adhere to strict laws regulating the eviction process.
  • Less Repair and Maintenance Expenses – We draw from licensed, insured, bonded, and proven contractors to ensure quality work, competitive pricing, value of property, and happy tenants.
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